Which Animal is Fastest?

By Brian Rock Illustrated by Carolyn Le

Published by Arbordale Publishing


Quick, name the world's fastest animal! Did you say cheetah? If so, you're right - sort of. The cheetah can reach speeds over 70 mph; but did you know that that's not even the fastest animal there is? This dashing dozens of nature's speediest species examines the fastest on land, air , and sea. This story will resonate with children taking standardized tests.


Clarence and the Traveling Circus

Clarence and the Traveling Circus

By Melissa Northway Illustrated by Carolyn Le

Published by Polka Dots Publishing


"Melissa Northway's Clarence and the Traveling Circus has such a positive and inspirational message. Clarence overcomes his fears and shines. He's able to rise above the dreaded name, Clumsy Clarance, and be a star. Carolyn Le's artwork beautifully complements the story. Each panel is intricate and painted in glowing colors. I found myself getting lost in the details of each picture. There's a great bonus in the back of the book for aspiring Clarences - a step-by-step guide to juggling! There are also circus facts, exercises and learning challenges back there as well...."  5 Star Review from Jack M. for Readers' Favorite


Reader's Favorite Illustration Award

Reader's Favorite Five Star